Super Mario Maker 2's final update will let players make their own worlds


Also, the Frog Suit returns.

Super Mario Maker 2has seen its fair share of updates, but its last one may be its best yet. Nintendo dropped a new trailer for the game showcasing all the elements coming to title this week, including the World Maker mode. Now, instead of just creating individual levels, we’ll be able to string them together into our little worlds. Or not so little, because we’ll actually be able to craft eight different worlds with up to 40 levels.

In addition to World Maker, SMM2will introduce the SMB2Mushroom that turns Mario into his Super Mario Bros. 2form, letting him pick up enemies just as he did in the NES classic. The Frog Suit also returns fromSuper Mario Bros. 3, the Super Acorn from New Super Mario Bros. U, and the Boomerang Suit. Also coming in the update are a set of masks that change Mario’s abilities, including the Goomba Mask, the Bullet Bill Mask, and Red Pow Box.

The Koopalings are also coming in this update, letting you add some variety to your boss battles. Phanto fromSMB2is also joining the game with the new Cursed Key item as is Mechakoopa with a whole set of new abilities.

The final update for Super Mario Maker 2will be available April 22.