Super Mario Maker course finding website is up


But why isn’t this just in the game?

I love me some Super Mario Maker. I think it’s one of the coolest things Nintendo has done in years. But its lack of in-game course browsing and searching tools is utterly baffling. The rudimentary tools for finding the levels you want would be a deal breaker if the rest of the package wasn’t so good. While it isn’t perfect, Nintendo has addressed the problem somewhat with a new website, Super Mario Maker Bookmark, that is dedicated to steering you (auto-course style) towards the best Mario Maker levels out there (which is ironically away from auto-courses).

The site offers a recommendations section pointing out particularly well received levels and, thankfully, some search tools to help you find your own personal flavor of Mario goodness. Looking at the search terms available though, you still can’t search by user which is fairly disappointing, but what we’ve come to expect from Nintendo’s unique take on online gaming. Still, I’m sure this will be a welcome addition for anyone who has been frustrated with the game’s anemic search tools.