Super Mario Maker is also skipping 3D support on 3DS


Do you mind, though?

With the knowledge that the 3DS port of Super Mario Maker won’t let creators upload their levels online (they’re just sharable locally), this latest omission — a lack of 3D support — feels insignificant.

That said, I know some people can stand to play their games with the 3D slider cranked way up and others actually prefer it that way long-term. Me? I try it once, for several seconds, and flip it back off.

Anyway, it’ll all be for naught with Mario Maker on 3DS — the North American box art confirms as much.

If anyone is getting this version, they are probably big into handheld gaming or, sadly, they don’t have a Wii U. I can’t see any other reason why you’d opt for this over the original, otherwise.

[Via Nintendo Everything]