Super Mario Odyssey is now one of the fastest-growing games in the speedrunning community



Mario games are just plain fun to speedrun. Super Mario 3D World quickly became a favorite of mine, but I also partake in plenty of side-by-side speedrun contests with a friend in pretty much every game in the series.

Every 3D iteration has that special spark, but Super Mario Odyssey spurred tons of people into action since its launch. Although it may not seem like much, Odyssey just logged its 1,000th speedrun submission within two months, making it the most submitted game to date within that timeframe.It’s also currently the most active game right now on the site (right behind it is Super Mario 64, even still!).

As I’ve said Mario games really have an impact on the community, as the two most popular speedrun titles of all time include Super Mario Sunshine and 64.

Super Mario Odyssey [ via Reddit]