Super Mario Run is adding a new world, mode, and character


Look for all that and a sale on September 29

I stopped playing Super Mario Run only a few weeks after launch last December, but I’ve yet to delete the app. It just sits there, catching my eye every time I make it to my phone’s home screen. What’ll it take for Nintendo to get me back in there? Something significant. Something like this, actually!

A batch of new content is coming September 29 (at least on iOS), including a Remix 10 mode “in which you play a set of 10 super-short sections from Super Mario Run‘s existing levels in quick succession” with rainbow bonus medals to nab along the way; Daisy as an unlockable playable character; nine levels in the new World Star; and the ability to play your own music in the background. As a neat extra touch, “Mario and his friends will wear headphones” when you have custom music going.

Lastly, Nintendo will knock 50 percent off Super Mario Run for two weeks starting Sept. 29.

Super Mario Run “Remix 10/Daisy” rumor was true, update coming Sept. 29th [GoNintendo]