Super Mario Run will have no microtransactions, only a buyout option



Nintendo got into the smartphone game hella late, but not too late, it seems, as there’s already a lot of buzz for their upcoming first real mobile title (Miitomodoesn’t really count), Super Mario Run.

Based on Eurogamer’s findings, it actually sounds pretty good too, as there will not be any microtransactions present — just a $10 buyout option to get everything. It’ll sport 24 levels at launch (the first four will be free), and it’ll have leaderboard support, a “Toad Rally” time trial-like mode (with twists on levels), a “Kingdom Builder” hub (featuring Toads, Yoshi, and Luigi), and an emphasis on “style” to encourage multiple runs. Some of this is briefly touched upon in the footage below that aired last night on Jimmy Fallon.

In short, it’s not exactly “endless,” so the game isn’t designed to get you to spend money to reach some sort of hopeless goal. Instead, the hook seems to be the hub world, which will take you some time to build up, and bragging rights over friends as winning a challenge will net you more Toad residents.

If sales aren’t up to par my guess is they’ll add plenty of microtransactions (called IAP on mobile) later, and tie them into the hub that players have spent hours grooming and getting attached to. But for now, I like the idea of releasing an actual, realgame without energy, timers, and other nonsense.

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