Super Mega Baseball 3 takes the mound next month, and the online mode is basically free-to-play


Third time’s a charm (but so were the first and second times)

Super Mega Baseballhas quietly been one of the most outstanding sports series over the past half decade. This cartoony game has the arcade-like sensibilities of an easy-going dinger-fest, but it’s also deep enough to turn into an impressive baseball sim for anyone who wants something more complicated and realistic. Guess it’s a switch hitter in that sense.

Developer Metalhead Software is stepping back up to the plate for its third at-bat, and it’s eyeing a third no-doubter. Super Mega Baseball 3is set to launch in April on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. It’ll be priced at $45 and have full cross-platform play.

Here’s what Metalhead lists as new to the third iteration of Super Mega Baseball: a Franchise mode, vastly refined graphics, a revamped user interface, new audio, new team/character content, stadiums with variable lighting conditions, and new pickoff and base stealing mechanics.

However, that $45 price tag doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. There will be a free demo/trial version that allows for unlimited access to the online Pennant Race mode. Metalhead says this is to “[promote] short matchmaking times and an active online userbase.” So, Super Mega Baseball 3is basically free-to-play for anyone who only cares about the competitive online side of the game.

If none of that piques your interest, maybe the promise of returning on-field murder will perk up your ears. Can’t make an omelette without cracking open a few heads.