Super Putty Squad will retro it the hell up on Switch this year



All the way back in 1992, the Putty franchise was born. Although it didn’t see like it at the time it was a series destined to live on for many years, as it not only got a sequel in Putty Squad, but a full-on modern remake two decades later on the PS3 and iOS platforms.

Puttywill live on once again it seems, as developer System 3 has revealed that a Switch version is in the works, and will drop on December 1 of this year — based on the listing from Amazon this 8GB cartridge is basically the 2013 edition.

I can’t say I’m too excited given that the modern day rendition wasn’t as fun as it could have been, but I’m glad to see System 3 doing their thing and sticking to a series they clearly have passion for.

Super Putty Squad [Amazon] Thanks Joe!