Super Robot Wars news coming on December 11


Christmas is coming early!

Bandai Namco has decided that Christmas will be coming on December 11. The company announced that a live stream for the Super Robot Wars franchise will be airing on that day, containing the latest updates for the series.

It’s not known what will be in the live stream but it will likely be a new game, with an English version as well.

The stream will be happening from 21:00 to 22:30 JST, which means it will be starting at 7:00 EST. It will be broadcast on Niconico, the Bandai Namco Channel, and YouTube, although from past experience I’d recommend watching on YouTube. However, the Korean Bandai Namco blog, as well as Bandai Namco Southeast Asia, are also teasing news, meaning whatever they have up their sleeve will likely be having a version with an English translation.

If it’s a new game, there’s a big question going through the fanbase’s mind right now. Will this be the game that breaks the seal and features Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans? The main reason being that as of late, the series has heavily featured SEED, 00, and Unicorn, and as a result there is some burnout setting in. The debut of the series would be a breath of fresh air as a result, and would potentially give the others a rest as well.

Either way, I’m personally excited to see the reveal. Super Robot Wars V, which released earlier this year, was my most anticipated title, and while it was not perfect by any means, I easily had the most fun with it. So the fact there’s something lined up for next year, and could possibly be on the Switch, is great for me.