Super Saiyan Blue is coming to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in the next DLC


‘New Power Awakens – Part 2’

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has been firmly chilling since its January 2020 release.

Since then it’s gotten a few quality of life patches (like a time machine to revisit past quests), as well as one major DLC in April that brought Super Saiyan God into the mix. Now, thanks to new information from V-Jump magazine, we know that Super Saiyan Blue will headline the second DLC.

Info is fairly scarce at the moment, but the scan does confirm that both Goku and Vegeta will sport their Blue forms in the DLC. It also seems to be a continuation of the first (disappointing) “boss battle” DLC series: which basically means you’re buying a few fights and new movesets.

The entire marketing campaign for this one is pretty weird, as Bandai Namco just recently held a supposedly big streaming event that ended up being one giant commercial. Why not announce big news from some of your big properties there? Instead we’re stuck with vague information from an international publication.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot [Ryokutya2089 via Twitter]