Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have music from the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes


Clearly too much Fire Emblem music

Since the official website for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate opened up after E3, Nintendo has revealed a new music track every Tuesday, and today was no exception. The new song uploaded for everyone to sample was an arrangement of “Gear Up For…” from the spinoff mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes.

With the new arrangement supervised by Hiroki Morishita, this is the first musical track we’ve had officially confirmed from one of Nintendo’s mobile games.

You can check out the new fast-paced take on the song below.

It makes sense as to why the mobile spinoff would be included, seeing as it is a very successful spinoff in its own right. However, I’m more curious as to whether or not there are tracks and arrangements from the other mobile games in Ultimate. In particular, the now defunct Miitomo which was taken from us earlier this year. I’m also curious if this means any third-party franchise, such as Mega Man and Sonic, could potentially have tracks from their mobile games as well.

It’s nice to see that Sakurai and the music team are truly pulling from every source possible. Now where’s my Castlevania pachinko track?