SuperGroupies unveils range of God of War-themed goods


Perfect for all your Hydra-beheading needs

Japanese fashion label SuperGroupies has unveiled a range of items inspired by Sony Santa Monica’s acclaimed 2018 epic, God of War. The “God of War x SuperGroupies Collaboration Collection” is now available to pre-order over at the SuperGroupies store.

The first item in the collection is a stylish wristwatch, inspired by Kratos’ trusty Guardian Shield. The hour markers are designated by authentic God of War runes, while the hour and minute hand represent the Leviathan Axe and one of Atreus’ razor-sharp arrows. The God of War Model Watch retails for ¥19,800, or roughly $185 USD, and comes packaged in an exclusive presentation box.

Next in the collection is the God of War Model Backpack. The bag features faux-fur components, representing Atreus’ wolf-hide gear, with a red drawstring matching Kratos’ iconic tattoos. The backpack retails for ¥16,000, or roughly $158 USD. Severed head of Helios is, unfortunately, not included.

The final item in the collection is a slick wallet, embroidered with a design matching that of the Leviathan Axe and featuring a small buckle replicating the Guardian Shield. The interior of the wallet features patterning and colour design matching that of Atreus’ war clothing. The God of War Model Wallet retails for ¥11,800, or roughly $110.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these fine items, rich mang, then you have until September 14 to place your pre-order with SuperGroupies. After that, the items will presumably be removed from sale. The wallet and backpack will ship in December 2020, with the watches arriving in January 2021 – just in time for a brand new year of monster chopping.