Superhot blasts onto PS4 this week


People with glass faces shouldn’t fire Uzis

The anticipated chrono-carnage of Superhotis finally coming to the PS4. Much sooner than you might expect, considering its recently announced release date..

The unique, lateral-thinking shooter, in which time only moves when you do, will be available on the European PlayStation store tomorrow and on Friday in North America. Both the standard and the VR versions of the game will be on sale for £20/$25, with pre-order discount available for PS+ members.

Whilst definitely an acquired taste, I find the face-shattering fun and bizarre meta-overtones of the game quite unsettling. There’s something about the blank visuals and minimalist sound that makes its violence disquieting, perhaps even more so than shooting at standard “human” avatars.

Superhot launching this week [PlayStation Blog]