Sure the Colonel is hot, but wouldn't you rather play an Arby's dating sim?


Podtoid 415

The video game industry isn’t a stranger to fast-food based games. I’m sure we all remember the Burger King Xbox 360 games from a decade ago, and before that chain restaurants like McDonald’s and Dominoes got in on the complete-lack-of-fun with M.C. Kidsand Yo! Noidfor the NES. Last week, KFC threw its hat in the ring with the announcement of a Colonel Sanders dating sim, a real game that will release later this month. But do we really want to date the Colonel? First of all, KFC is awful. Second, why settle for a chicken man when I think we’d all rather have an Arby’s dating sim. After all, Arby’s has the meats!

On this week’s episode, we cover fast food games, clowns, Daemon X Machina, FMV adventures, possessed women in the ’80s, MetroDLC, and gamer girl teeth. All that, plus a rave in your ass, on Podtoid Episode 415.

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