Suspicious NieR Replicant trailer turns the remaster into a Stardew Valley-style life sim


Just add a market and I’m sold

April Fools’ Day. My Favourite. When your job is writing news, and the annual day of w-w-w-wackiness rolls around, it’s frankly a pain in the ass. This is especially true of recent years, when companies have taken to revealing very real products while relishing the idea that the public might not believe them. Let’s see if I get through today unscathed.

Still, I’m not without humor, and as such wanted to start the day sharing this fun trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming remaster NieR Replicant, which re-purposes the hack ‘n’ slash adventure as a “slow life sim” in the vein of titles such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. The video sees protagonists Nier and Grimoire Weiss indulging in a spot of crop-growing and animal-rearing, while eavesdropping on the neighbors and enjoying some obligatory fishing. Frankly, I’m all for it, and would gladly take respite from all the slicing ‘n’ dicing to just spend all my time growing a pumpkin patch. Any marriage options?

You can check out the most cyberpunk farming sim ever made in the video below. Meanwhile, back in pseudo-reality, NieR Replicant will launch on PS4, PC, and Xbox One April 23. And that’s no foolin’