Swery image shows The Good Life being tested on Nintendo Switch


Kickstarter closing soon

Hidetaka Suehiro, better known to his pals as “Swery”, has released an image on his Instagram account showing a prototype build of his current project, The Good Life, running on Nintendo Switch.

Swery is quick to make clear that this isn’t necessarily a confirmation of anything, just that his programming team are fans of the Nintendo platform and were apparently keen to explore the possibilities of adapting the unique title to the format.

“Experimenting with the Switch. We love the Nintendo Switch,” says Swery of the photo. “While we cannot commit to making a Switch version for now, our main programmer couldn’t stop himself from doing a few experiments… They have been surprisingly successful so far, much to the whole team’s enjoyment… It gives us extra motivation and more drive than ever, and the will to make the campaign successful. I hope it excites you too!”

The Good Life, the story of a young woman’s attempts to rid herself of debt through photo-journalism (and the ability to change into a cat or dog at will), is currently struggling on Kickstarter. As of this writing, it still needs to make a few hundred thousand dollars in its final week, so that development can begin on PS4 and PC.

A demo is currently available for the PC version, which you can download right here. You can check out our own Ray Porreca’s thoughts on the game in this preview.