Swery's The Good Life to get physical edition thanks to Limited Run Games


I go for mine, I gots to shine

Swery’s The Good Life is still facing an uphill climb on Kickstarter, but Limited Run Games is hoping their pledge to make physical copies will help fund the game. White Owls, Inc. has teamed up with every physical copy buyer’s favorite company to produce limited edition bundles for the $130+ tiers of The Good Life’s crowdfunding campaign.

This new edition will feature the game on physical media, a tourist guide, an art book, some trading cards, a postcard autographed by the dev team and a soundtrack CD. The edition will be available for both the PC and PS4 versions of the game, so players sticking to one platform won’t need to worry about missing out.

My only concern is that there are 18 days left in the campaign and it still hasn’t hit 50% of its goal. I’m not sure how striking a deal to make physical copies was a priority when the campaign isn’t even a guarantee, but I suppose this is a last ditch effort to drum up interest. I know a lot of people respect Limited Run Games for its quality standards, so having another box from them could be enough to get that last push needed to successfully develop The Good Life. Here’s hoping, because the game looks like a trip.