Switch takes Nintendo shares to a nine-year high


The Big N rises once again

Various financial media outlets are reporting that Nintendo shares are on a huge climb. They raised 3.3% to ¥43,930, the highest they have been since September 2008 and the heady days of the Nintendo Wii.

A chart showing Nintendo shares’ price progression over the last ten years paints a crystal clear picture of the stunning drop after everyone and their grandma purchased a Wii, followed by the barren years of the Wii U console, then an apparent rise to glory by the Switch’s inception.

Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes states that Nintendo are set to hit an annual shipment of Switch consoles around the 20 million mark. If any further proof be needed of the new unit’s hand in this climb, Nintendo share prices have altogether risen by 87% since March, when the machine was first launched.

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