Syphon Filter! That's not how tasers work!


Advanced flame throwers

We were messing with some unearthed PlayStation 1 demo discs over as casa mia last night. It was a bit of nostalgia hit, flipping between video panes. Also, why didn’t anyone tell me about Tobal 2? It looks like a fisticuffs version of Bushido Blade.

Anyway, that all led to Syphon Filter, a series relegated to the PSP after one mediocre PS2 release. Before all that, though, were the first three PS1 games in the series, which featured hilariously stilted, unenthusiastic (“Oh. No.”) voice acting and the world’s most dangerous taser.

Every time you zap someone with the damn thing, it gives you a nice cinematic camera angle of them convulsing. Then they light on fire.

You also tase folks from incredibly long distances (check 1:02 in the above video).