Tahm Kench looks like a beast in League of Legends


Probably because he is

Tahmn Kench (pronounced “Tom”), is the newest Champion on the block in League of Legends. His core ability involves devouring smaller creeps, and even allied or enemy Champions, which become untargetable in his stomach — he gains a bit of movement speed and can spit them out to launch them. It’s a neat way to take an enemy out of a teamfight or save an ally.

He also has a slow/stun with tongue lash, as well as a passive that builds up health that can be regenerated, which can be used to pop a shield at will. His ultimate allows him to swim in the water portions of the map, and bring an ally along for the ride.

If he ends up becoming a viable champion, he’ll mix up the meta quite a bit based on his ability to travel. He looks a bit hard to use, but I’m going to give him a try.