You can reserve the Limited Blue Edition of the Taito Egret II mini now


Da ba Dee…

For those of you who have had your interest piqued by the recent reveal of the Taito Egret II mini, here’s an update to whet your appetite. A “Limited Blue Edition” of the tiny tech is currently open for reservations at the Strictly Limited and ININ Games stores, with a format number of around 5,000 units.

This special edition of the Taito Egret II, which comes pre-loaded with 40 Taito arcade classics, has all of the features of the regular edition, but comes with a cool blue joystick/button layout, and can also be reserved bundled with matching joypad, trackball control system, and fun accessories including a cup holder, CD soundtrack, repro flyers, and a selection of instruction marquee cards. You just need a tiny carpet covered in planets and cigarette butts and you have that ’80s/’90s arcade experience nailed.

Taito Egret II mini Limited Blue Edition:

Egret II mini – Limited Blue Edition Bundle — $229.99:

“This edition will include the EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition, a special cup & cup holder, and a set of mini instruction cards for the true retro arcade feeling. This bundle does not include any of the three optional controllers, which can be purchased separately.” (GamesRocket/ININ Games Reservation Page)

Egret II mini – Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition — $369.99:

“This very special package will include the EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition, plus the Paddle and Trackball Expansion Set that comes with a controller and 10 additional games on SD card. On top of that, retro fans get a set of mini instruction cards, a special TAITO/ZUNTATA anniversary soundtrack and a strategy book.” (Strictly Limited Reservation Page)

Egret II mini – Game Center Blue Edition — $499.99:

“The most extensive edition includes all the content of the Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition plus the other two available optional EGRET II mini controllers and even more awesome physical collectibles.” (Strictly Limited Reservation Page)

This is just for reservations, so customers will be required to “lock-in” when the pre-order period opens in the near future. Prices do not include shipping or any potential customs tax. See corresponding websites for shipping and content details.

The Taito Egret II mini launches in Japan on March 2. A western date is yet to be officially confirmed, but the product is expected to launch within a similar release window.