Take a gander at the original map for the first Legend of Zelda


I remember scrawling down documents like this

Pretty much any kid who grew up in the ’80s or ’90s remembers writing down notes, manually, in a pad of paper. Whether it was puzzle solutions for later playthroughs or maps to get through a tricky dungeon, before GameFAQs and video walkthroughs, you basically had to do it on your own.

It isn’t quite the same as Nintendo actually madethe original Legend of Zelda, but they’ve shared a short clip of the original design document for the world map. It’s really brief, but at the very end they zoom out and show that baby in all its glory. It looks so simple when you see it in big picture form, but it took most of us hours upon hours to figure it out.

If only someone would make me this 3D print to reference every time.