Take-Two is the latest publisher who is 'very optimistic' about the Nintendo Switch


Two sports games in the pipeline

A lot of publishers have sung Nintendo’s praises, always careful to tiptoe around the fact that they abandoned the Wii U at the first sign of danger — but also not willing to quite throw them under the bus in case the Switch does really well for itself. Well, most of them aren’t willing to do that at least.

Speaking on an earnings call on the topic of the Switch, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick explained, “We were excited six months ago and supportive. We’re excited now. We have NBA 2K[18]and WWE 2K[18]coming for Switch. The sales have been great. We expect sales to continue to be great, we’re very optimistic around the platform, we’re very supportive of Nintendo. So the only thing that’s changed in the last six months is our initial belief, has been reinforced by the early very strong results.”

We’ll see what happens after two safe sports game hit though. Could you imagine a mainline Grand Theft Autofor the Switch? We got Chinatown Warsalready on a portable system, but seeing a full-on GTA VIon a Nintendo console would be a pretty amazing thing — it’s like all of the arguments people have given in my life for Nintendo systems being for “kids” have com full circle.

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