Tales of Crestoria shutting down services in February 2022


Another mobile service calls it a day

Bandai Namco has announced that its mobile RPG Tales of Crestoria is the latest in a long line of free-to-play mobile RPGs to pull down the blinds. Tales of Crestoria will be shutting down its service on February 7, 2022, 19 months from its initial launch.

Released in July 2020, Tales of Crestoria took the fantasy worlds and flashy, noble characters of the Tales of franchise and transitioned them into the free-to-play mobile gaming market. Players kitted out their teams of heroes with various gear and abilities, before embarking on quests and side-stories, fighting enemies in turn-based combat. Players leveled up their characters through questing, battle, and via an in-game currency known as “Gleamstones.” You know how this works. There’s enough of them popping up/shutting down on the market right now.

Bandai Namco thanked the community for playing Tales of Crestoria, and noted that it has disabled the purchase of Gleamstones effective immediately. All players are encouraged to use any remaining items and Gleamstones before the plug is finally pulled on the servers. If you have come to love the Tales of Crestoria universe, then take heart, as it seems that the game’s original characters will be appearing in future Tales of titles, as well as a brand new manga series, which launches in Japan on December 13.

Although it’s cynical to suggest, more and more these titles are starting to feel like short-term cash injections. Drop the game, build a meager community, milk the cash, hit the off switch. Occasionally, one gets full, long-term support — an Honor of Kings or a Fire Emblem Heroes — but, for the most part, all these titles seem to achieve is the investment of a small but dedicated community, before pulling the rug out from under them at a moment’s notice.

[Service Shutdown Notice (1/2)]

Tales of Crestoria will shut down on Sun, Feb. 6th, 2022 9:00PM PST.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoyed playing.

Check the official site & in-game announcements for more info.URL:https://t.co/A3jZn3EAgj#TalesOfCrestoria

— TALES OF CRESTORIA (@to_crestoria_EN) December 7, 2021