Tally-ho for supernatural action from Rebellion's Strange Brigade


Vintage shooter just two weeks away

Rebellion continue to showcase footage from their upcoming multiplayer shooter Strange Brigade, which is almost ready to launch its ’30s fashions and ragtime mayhem upon PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The vintage-era shooter sees a canny group of explorers plundering the hidden depths of ancient Egypt, ransacking tombs and pissing off a helluva lot of ancient undead beings. This new trailer shows some of the more supernatural skills that can be harnessed by the quartet, as well as the buff effects that can be fixed to weaponry to aid you in your quest for booty.

These mystical gems won’t be be found lying around, however, as various intricate tricks and traps await those explorers brave (or foolhardy) enough to steal from the Witch Queen, Seteki. Strange Brigade launches August 28 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. A string of post-release content – some free, some not-so-free – will follow the game’s initial launch.