Target cancels Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders


The cosmic ballet goes on

Just what everyone wants, another installment in the ever-unfolding debacle that is the SNES Classic rollout. While rumored on Reddit earlier this week that Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders would be cancelled if details about the order were changed, today multiple customers received cancellations on their pre-orders citing that the item was not allowed to be sold due to customs. This came as a surprise to most as the item was being sold through BorderFree, a service that allows international customers to order through US retailers that are not in their country.

It is unclear which customs issue has caused this mass cancellation but I have reached out to a representative of BorderFree and Target for a better explanation, if they reply I will update this article with their response.

This news comes on the heels of the rumor that the SNES Classic will not be sold in Quebec due to language restrictions to continue to darken the prospects of getting an SNES in the Great White North.