Team-based shooter Paladins opens its beta on consoles


Earn double gold until May 7

If signing up for the Paladins closed beta on consoles was too much of an ask but you’re still interested in Hi-Rez’s free-to-play take on team-based shooters, today’s the day. There’s now an open beta running on PlayStation 4 (North America, Europe) and Xbox One (over here), no registration needed.

As an extra incentive, console and PC players alike can benefit from a Double Gold weekend. The event is happening now until Sunday, May 7, so there’s not too much of a rush to take part.

Personally, there’s only so much room in my life for this type of game, and I’m not tired of Overwatch yet. But if you are, or you’re otherwise looking for a free alternative, Paladins certainly has its fans.

Paladins: Now Free on Xbox One, PS4 [Paladins]