Team Fortress 2sdays: Between 2Fort with Andy Dixon


Team Fortress 2

Happy Tuesday!

I know we’re all excited about E3 and all the cool stories and games and shenanigans, but we still have games to play here!

On this week’s episode of Team Fortress Tuesdays, Shadow and the rest of the TF2 gang will be interviewing the one and only Andy Dixon! Yes, it’s finally happening! Here’s Shadow with the deets:

Tonight is finally the night! After a couple of delays, Between 2Fort returns with Mr Andy Dixon hopping into the hot seat. The event starts at 9:30 PM PST or12:30AM EST. Don’t have TF2 installed?No worries, the whole show is going to be streamed live on my Twitchchannel, and will be posted to YouTube on the Community Theaterchannel sometime later this week.With E3 going, this week is sure to be packed with all kinds of news, so why not take a bit of a break from the constant barrage of information? The Train God could always use a few more offerings. As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment or let one of the admins know.

If you’ve ever wanted to wat Andy struggle to answer questions while trying to not die, tonight’s your chance! Make sure to tune in for all the fun!

So what is TF2sday?

Every Tuesday, a ton of folks from all across Destructoid hop on to the community server to play, talk, and shoot each other. It’s usually a pretty crazy good time, and almost always involves various melee only matches between a handful of classes. So feel free to jump on and join us sometime!

New to TF2sday?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Any and all Dtoiders are welcome, so please don’t be shy. If there is ever something wrong, or if you need to contact one of the server admins, please see below, all admin names and links to their Steam profile is listed.


Shadow2398(Hank Hill)SwishieeDF(DoomsDayForte)Fasio_Vita

Server Information:IP: Port:27015

Early Match:5pm Pacific | 8pm EasternLate Match:9pm Pacific | 12am Eastern

Map List


Now with more maps!

plr_panickoth_traingridkoth_wubwubwub(Caution: This map contains flashing lights, like no other!)

Hope to see you all there!