Team Fortress 2sdays: New maps coming soon


Just not yet

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to Team Fortress 2sdays, where all your fantasies come true* Shadow is back this week, and he’s looking to bring in some new maps for all of the TF2 faithful, here he is with all of the gory details**

Hey everyone, so I’ve been pretty busy lately, and have only just recently got my computer working again. I will be uploading some new maps to the server this week, it is among my top priorities at the moment. I’ve also finally had a chance to pick up Bioshock Infinite, as well as a few other gems I’ve managed to miss out on over the last couple years. So far I can say that I’m impressed by how well my aging computer can run the game and how pretty it is.

Sadly it will more than likely end up in my backlog until I finish my hardcore run of Fallout New Vegas. Why all the talk about random video games? Because sometimes people who are and aren’t fans of a certain burger establishment both need a reminder that games are about having fun and being entertained. So relax, have some fun, and just… throw the internet out the window for a while.

On a different note, Streamtoidis going super strong, so don’t forget to check out the channel for shows throughout the week. Want to see what’s going to be on? Then head on over to the Streamtoid schedule.As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to drop a comment below or contact an admin on steam.

Thanks Shadow!

*Please note, fantasies may not come true. In the event your fantasy does come true, seek medical attention.

**Details may or may not be gory.

So what is TF2sday?

Every Tuesday, a ton of folks from all across Destructoid hop on to the community server to play, talk, and shoot each other. It’s usually a pretty crazy good time, and almost always involves various melee only matches between a handful of classes. So feel free to jump on and join us sometime!

New to TF2sday?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Any and all Dtoiders are welcome, so please don’t be shy. If there is ever something wrong, or if you need to contact one of the server admins, please see below, all admin names and links to their Steam profile is listed.


Shadow2398(Hank Hill)SwishieeDF(DoomsDayForte)Fasio_Vita

Server Information:IP: Port:27015

Early Match:5pm Pacific | 8pm EasternLate Match:9pm Pacific | 12am Eastern

Map List


Now with more maps!

plr_panickoth_traingridkoth_wubwubwub(Caution: This map contains flashing lights, like no other!)

Hope to see you all there!