Team Sonic Racing will not have any special features on Switch, all versions to be equal


No secret Nintendo racers

Excuse the pun, but Team Sonic Racinghas a lot riding on it. Mario Kartis at its apex this generation with high sales and universal love for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, plus the Crash Team Racingremake is on the way. It not only needs to meet or exceed the expectations of 2012’sSonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, but also hang with a few of the big boys in 2019. No pressure!

Australian Nintendo site Vooks spoke to Team Sonic RacingproducerTakashi Iizuka about the upcoming project (it’s due next month!), and he explained that at the crux of Teamis the idea that it shouldn’t be an all-stars game. Instead, he wanted the project to focus more on the Sonicuniverse as a whole, which is best exemplified in a story mode: something a lot of racers don’t have (but the Crashremake will, when it returns). It’ll also sport 21 tracks spanning the Sonicuniverse.

Perhaps most importantly is the revelation that there will be no Switch-specific features or content.Iizuka notes, “Our goal is providing the same experience to any users. Therefore, there are no Switch specific features in Team Sonic Racing. But Switch users have a benefit to be able to bring and play this game anywhere.”

Just in case you were expecting something extra, don’t.Iizuka also clarifies that there will be no voice chat (Nintendo Switch app) support.

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