Tekken 7 has a ton of customization options, if you're into that


Surfer Akuma

We’ve already seen a few of the ancillary modes that Tekken 7is going to offer when it arrives in early June, but as we’re nearing its launch, Bandai Namco has shared a few more clips of its many extras.

One staple that’s sorely missing from a lot of modern fighting games is its customization mode, which has hundreds of items for each character to don. You can see its full absurdity on display in the below clip that features Akuma.

The gist? You’ll earn fight money (similar to Street Fighter V) for activities that you can use to buy in-game items, or partake in a “Treasure Battle Mode” to nab loot directly. It’ll also ship with a story mode and arcade mode, the latter of which begins with a young Kazuya fighting his not-so-nice dad, Heihachi.