Tekken 7 is nearly here, have a look at its cast minus Roger Jr.


RIP Roger

I’ll just take a second to pour one out for Roger(jokingly, as Harada rolls with trolls and hoaxes all the time). Would a Fosters be appropriate? I don’t know, nothing seems right — I mean, we “almost” missed out onLucky Chloe as it is!

So, sans Roger (ha), you can peruse the below character trailer for Tekken 7and get a feel for who’s in. The usual suspects (Paul, Law, Jin) are obvious, but you should be able to find someone you like in the roughly 40 character roster that will drop in the console version.For those who haven’t been keeping up in terms of fighters new to Tekken Akuma is in, as is Claudio, Gigas, Jack-7, Josie, Katarina, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, and Shaheen.

I’m planning on giving Akuma a go day one along with my typical main, Yoshimitsu.