Tekken 7 patch notes aim to boost struggling characters for Season 2


Lucky Chloe buffs incoming

This week sees a host of changes coming to Namco Bandai’s great fighting sequel Tekken 7. September 6 will see the new wall-bounce mechanic added to the Iron Fist tournament, as well as two returning fan favourites in the form of Lei Wu-Long and Anna Williams.

Ahead of the start of Season Two, Namco has released the patch notes for the updates, which sees a lengthy list of changes across the board for every member of Tekken 7’s huge roster. The new update is designed with the idea of bringing everybody on the lower-end of the tiers up, rather than pushing more-powerful characters down, with boosts to stragglers such as Lucky Chloe, Katarina and Kuma.

The new patch notes can currently be found listed on the official Tekken World Tour site right here. You might wanna make yourself a sandwich first, because it’s a long haul, brothers and sisters.

Tekken 7 is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.