Tekken 7 PC files potentially hint at upcoming DLC


Tekken Bowl for $10

Some inquisitive gamers have done a bit of digging through the files on the PC version of Tekken 7 and found a list of potential DLC packs. The absence of Tekken Bowl is going to make a lot of sense now, especially since it is seemingly scheduled to be the $10 mode added this summer.

As for who the extra characters are, no names were present in the data. There were placeholder files to get ready for the eventual drop, but the only real data that could potentially clue us in to who is getting added is that the first character has a meter system similar to Akuma and Eliza. Does that mean another Street Fighter character will be added to the game?

Regarding the costumes that Namco Bandai intends to add, it looks like an Idolmaster pack, Swimsuits and School uniforms are all we’re going to be getting. I remember when those were free for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, so I don’t know why anyone would suddenly want to pay for that. Those costumes were also in the Arcade version of Tekken 7, so this seems kind of underhanded to be ripped out and sold back to gamers.

All the PS4 exclusive content is also present in the data files, leading many to believe it will be a timed exclusive on the platform. I don’t think that is the case; this same thing happened with Street Fighter X Tekken in that all the PlayStation content was in the other versions of the game. I get the feeling that Namco Bandai was just too lazy to fully remove the files.

Whether or not this ends up being true, it doesn’t paint a nice picture for Tekken 7‘s season pass. A lot of people are tired of the constant barrage of DLC we see in triple A games, but DLC’s reputation gets hurt when nonsense like this happens. Adding legitimate extra stuff that wasn’t present in previous games would go a long way to making people feel happier about paying for costumes or characters.

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