Telltale 'aiming to' get every Batman episode out this year


Tales from the Batlands

Telltale (The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands) is doing a Batman game that is concerned with, “its leading character’s duality and how his actions as Bruce Wayne and Batman affect one another.” Better news is that the Tales from the Borderlands team is involved. It’ll be a re-run of the Joker in Arkham Knight/Handsome Jack in Rhys!

Actually, there’s pretty good potential for making a decent detective game out of this, which could be fun, but I’m kind of expecting the puzzle elements to take a backseat to characters and conversation in Telltale style. Though that, too, can be done well.

Anyways! Telltale’s Job Stauffer clarified “a minor misquote” about each episode of Batman, which debuts soon, coming out before year’s end, noting that the studio is “aiming to” have all of its Batman done by 12/31, but that delays are very possible. All about making the best possible episode. Like Mighty No. 9. This is not meant to be a direct comparison, especially from someone who gladly goes to bat for still-not-finished Kentucky Route Zero. I just haven’t found time to joke about Mighty No. 9 yet.

This is a minor misquote. Certainly ‘aiming to’ have all 5 by 12/31. We develop live, so bear with us on Ep 5 in Dec

— Job J Stauffer (@jobjstauffer) June 24, 2016