Telltale nabs yet another big license, is working on a Stranger Things game


‘PC and console at a later date’

I can’t figure Telltale out. It recently noted that it was spreading itself a bit thin with so many different licenses and shuffled some staff around. Now here it is announcing another major license at E3!

The company, which has worked on a property from just about every IP holder at this point, has confirmed that aStranger Thingsgame is in the works. Right now we know nothing about it, other than that it’s coming to “consoles and computers [lol]” at a later date.

Telltale had this to say about the project: “Our partnership with Netflix is something we’re incredibly proud of, and while we don’t have anything more to share right now, we’re excited to reveal details on these projects later in the year.” The other part of that partnership? They’re moving Minecraft: Story ModetoNetflix. Quid pro quo may have gotten them a discount!

Telltale [Twitter]