Telltale's Batman Episode 2 appears to show image of real assassination victim


Murdered Russian Ambassador’s corpse appears in-game

The second episode of Telltale Game’s Batman series launched this week, but it was recently spotted by Twitter user BroTeamPill that the actual corpse of a murdered Russian diplomat featured in a still image, appearing briefly during the new episode’s narrative.

You may remember the assassination of Russia’s Turkish ambassador Andrei Karlov, who was shot dead last December during the opening of an art gallery in Ankara, a shocking event that was captured by the media in attendance. It appears that Karlov’s corpse was shopped into the game from one of the photographs taken at the time, appearing on an in-game CCTV image showing a heist at the Gotham Brokerage.

Whilst we may never know whether this was just an unfortunate mistake by an artist, or (hopefully less likely) a sneaky joke done by a staff member, it is probably fair to assume that Telltale are working to remove the offending image.

I saw the scene in question myself when I reviewed the game, but it passed me by entirely. The image, and the photo it was captured from, can be seen in this article. Be warned that the pictures obviously feature an actual murder victim.

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