Temper your expectations for May's Games with Gold


It’s more in line with the usual offerings

If April’s Games with Gold lineup was the best yet, and I’m inclined to agree with Brett that it was, then whatever Microsoft has in store for May can’t possibly stack up. I had that sentiment in mind when reading over the list of what’s coming up next, and I’m still rather underwhelmed.

On the Xbox One side, it’s a decent effort. Defense Grid 2 will be free with an Xbox Live Gold membership throughout May, followed by Costume Quest 2 from May 16 – June 15. Two titles many of us don’t already own, if absolutely nothing else. I’m down for both of ’em.

For Xbox 360, we’re looking at Grid 2 from May 1 – May 15, and then Peggle from May 16 – May 31. If you don’t already own the latter in one form or another, then by all means, enjoy it.

I’d like to formally request Asura’s Wrath for Games with Gold and/or backward compatibility support. Kyle won’t let me ever forget that I didn’t play CyberConnect2’s absurd quick-time-event-’em-up and the only way I’ll be bothered to is if it comes to a more recent console. Help me help myself.

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