Terraria finally available on Stadia as it celebrates 35 million total sales


If you build it, they will come

After overcoming a little drama, developer Andrew Spinks and studio Re-Logic has finally released world-builder Terraria on the Stadia cloud gaming service. In addition, the developers announced that the title has now sold an amazing and almost unbelievable 35 million copies since its initial launch back in 2011.

The globally-popular crafting sim, perhaps described loosest and easiest as a 2D pixelated version of Minecraft, is now available on a huge array of platforms including desktop, console, and mobile. The Stadia port was almost cancelled following Spinks’ frustrations with Google after the developer lost access to his Gmail and other accounts, but this was soon cleared up, and now Stadia players can dive into Terraria‘s hour-eating world.

“We remain hard at work on the litany of updates across the board as we press forward into 2021,” noted Re-Logic in a forum update. “Things are really starting to come together, and we are beyond excited for what the rest of the year has in store. That said, we did our usual numbers updates to close out 2020 and we wanted to share that once again – thanks to your beyond-amazing support – Terraria has reached another units sold milestone! Terraria has officially exceeded 35 Million copies sold across all platforms!”

The breakdown of this huge number specifies 8.5 million copies sold on console, 9.3 million copies sold on mobile, and a staggering 17.2 million copies purchased on PC. Despite reaching this amazing number, and being almost a decade into its lifespan, it appears that Terraria‘s devs are not even close to calling it a day.

“The momentum for Terraria has never been stronger than it is right this moment,” continues the update. “When you add that to what is still to come this year with Console Journey’s End, Steam Workshop Support, getting to parity content for everyone… and then the possibility of crossplay down the line (we hope!), you could easily say that Journey’s End may have arrived, but the journey for Terraria is far from over!”