Terrible Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order DLC is now available


Cool Keaton DLC rumored to be pushed

[Update: it appears to be a glitch on Microsoft’s end. The 1989 pack is still on for this month, and Crime Fighter Challenge #1 is on for September.]

If you’re into bad DLC, the Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order add-ons are now available free for Season Pass holders and $1.99 each if you don’t have it on consoles. That includes the Harley Quinn and Red Hood story packs. They’re about 15-30 minutes long each.

So far the Season Pass has been a huge disappointment, with an okay hour long Batgirl DLC, and a bunch of dogshit. In other news, the cool looking Michael Keaton costume and Batmobile pack might be delayed until September — the PSN shows a new date but the Xbox marketplace is still showing the old one. You’ll getCrime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 instead in August. Yay $40 Season Passes!

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