Terry Crews might have whooped you in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds


Mr. Unknown is into it

Checking in with the second coolest dad on Earth, PC Gamer learned that Terry Crews has made PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundshis go-to game when gaming with his son. They were first really into Overwatch, but for the Crews crew Overwatch was overtaken by PUBG. PlayerUnknown himself is pretty hyped about it.

Crews said while he still loves Overwatch,“PUBG? Holy cow, we can’t get enough. You know what? It’s a safe way to do paintball. You are literally in this world and then they start closing the battlefield around you, and people are trying to kill you—my son and I have been having so much fun on PUBG that right now that’s my go to game.”

The only games I could get my dad to play were the NCAA Footballgames because it was the only game he understood how to play, i.e. how to press A to hike the ball and how to press a random button and watch the AI receiver run the ball down for him.

Anyway, if you were punched to death by a particular girthy and intimidating fellow online, maybe it was Mr. Crews himself. I used to wonder and fantasize in Halo 2if I ever played with someone famous unknowingly. I may have teabagged them.

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