Test your might with the first 4K Ultra HD benchmark from 3DMark


Good luck!

You know that hammer carnival game where you hit the base as hard as you can to test your strength? I feel like every benchmark I try is like that. I hit it with all my might (new hardware, OS tweaks, etc.) and the damned thing barely registers (low scores). I’d love to see how poorly I score with the first 4K Ultra HD benchmark.

3DMark has just launched this benchmark, called Fire Strike Ultra. It tests your rig at 3840 x 2160 (before scaling to your monitor’s resolution), letting you know if you need a 4K monitor, or if you can even run games at the resolution. Futuremark says that you’ll need a GPU with at least 3 GB of dedicated memory.


The processing performed per frame is nuts in this test. For triangles, 12.4 million are thrown at the machine. Pixels? Try 1.1 billion. They say that to run 60fps at 4K Ultra you’d need to process 66 billion pixels per second. Yep. Nope.

Fire Strike Ultra is available in the latest versions of 3DMark Advanced and Professional editions.