Tetris' history is a complicated mess of Soviet policy and sneaky negotiations


From Russia with Love

Along with loving video games, I’m also a huge fan of learning the history behind the industry. When I stumbled upon “The Gaming Historian” on YouTube in 2016, I had basically hit the jackpot. I’ve previously linked to his video on the formation of the ESRB, but his latest video about the creation and distribution of Tetris takes the cake.

Practically a feature film in length, this video goes over the humble beginnings of a Russian programmer creating things on his spare time to the heated negotiations done by ELORG vice chairman Nikolai Belikov. What ensues is a fascinating tale of tricky wording and backstabbing that would make a suitable Game of Thrones storyline…well, I guess it has less nudity, but the point still stands!

If you have any fondness for Tetris, you’d do well to watch this video.

The Story of Tetris | Gaming Historian [YouTube]