Thanksgiving's half over, here's all of Amazon's video game deals now


You eat yet?

Maybe my memory fails to serve year to year, but Black Friday seems trickier this year than usual. In an effort to remain constantly relevant, retailers have stretched out their deals over a long period of time rather than saying “Here’s everything we’re got, go get it!”

So, we’re caught in an awkward position of trying to figure out if we want to nab a certain offer or if a better one is going to come along mere hours later. It feels like you need to set up a spreadsheet to properly track everything you might want. Isn’t that a bit excessive, all the name of “hot deals?” I guess it beats going to the store.

Thanksgiving’s half over now, meaning that the correct half of you people have already done the whole Thanksgiving shebang. The weird, bad half of you are gearing up for delicious dinner soon. I’m doing Friendsgiving this year and am forced into the late crowd. I’m grumpy because I should already have turkey in my tummy.

We’ll check in tomorrow with more Black Friday deals because, you know, it’s actually Black Friday. Until then, let us leave you with the words that John Wayne spoke to the Pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving: “Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!”

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the video game deals calendar for rotating deals.