Thar be dragons in Apex Legends, and they're stealing your loot


Someone call Dirk the Daring

Sci-fi shooter Apex Legends has won over many fans since release with its brand of high-tech weaponry, futuristic heroes and strange, colourful worlds. But for those of you who prefer your fantasy battles a little more old-school, you might enjoy the latest – and frankly bizarrest – turn of events.

Yes, it seems that dragons, scourge of folklore and scaly fan-fiction, are spreading their wings in Epic Games battle royale title. As reported by PC Gamer, players have been taking time out from filling each other with lead to notice the flying beasties gliding gracefully around the environment. You can see one in action in this video from YouTuber Rock3tXer.

These creatures – dubbed “Flyers” by the community – appear to be carrying/stealing death boxes, so successfully taking one down could provide you with some extra gear to help you on your quest to be last person standing. Of course, while you stand on ground level looking at the sky, watch out for your adversaries, who could use your distraction to their advantage. That loot isn’t gonna mean shit if you’re dead, pal.

The appearance of these flyers might be teasing the start of Apex Legends’ second season, set to begin July 2. So get your dragon-hunting skills in order, just in case something wicked this way comes.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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