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That 38 Studios Rhode Island tax issue is still happening

Kingdoms of Amalur is the gift that keeps on giving

Remember that giant hubbub about38 Studios, mismanagement, Kingdoms of Amalur, and taxpayers having to foot the $2.4 million bill? Well it’s still going on almost two years later, and it isn’t getting any prettier.

As of this week, Rhode Island will pay out all of the money to investors holding 38 Studios bonds, which essentially results in taxpayers footing the bill. This has been a long saga of laid off employees, allegations of misleading state officials, and possible abandoning of debt, but in the end, the taxpayers are literally the ones who are paying for this.

It’s a complete shame, because I actually likedKingdoms of Amalur, and would have loved to have seen the MMO at some point.

R.I. to use state funds for next payment to 38 Studios investors [Providence Journal via Game Informer]

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