That Diablo style Magic: The Gathering game is finally heading into open beta in March


Legends is playable on March 23

It’s been…a year! Well, it’s been…a hard nine months or so, but it’s felt like a full year.

And in that time, I’ve forgotten about a lot of games that were sort of vaguely coming in 2021, or were pushed further away into limbo. That includes the upcoming Magic: The Gatheringthemeddungeon crawling action romp Magic: Legends!

Lo and behold though,Perfect World Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast are here to remind us that it is indeed a thing, and will start becoming an actual thing you can playpretty soon. On March 23 the PC open beta will begin, at which point everyone can give it a go; following a previous series of closed alpha tests.

As a reminder it’s described as a “free-to-play persistent world” game, which is still dungeon-crawler framed but also has elements of the card game, like “decks” that can be used to influence your spell/ability choices. You can get a good quick look at that idea below.

Eventually, this thing will hit the PS4 and Xbox One platforms as well.