That elusive rat fantasy game is finally headed to Xbox One's Game Preview on June 30


Okay so he’s a mouse, but rat sounds funnier

Ghost of a Talefeels like a ghost of a memory. I recall the debut trailer for the cute mouse(rat) adventure game, but did it ever come out? No! Sort of? It hit Early Access last year on Steam, but it’s still in active development with no release date in sight.

In the meantime you can enjoy it on the Xbox One Game Preview platform on June 30 (it’s also being worked on for PS4). For those of you who probably don’t use the system, “Game Preview” is basically Microsoft’s version of “Early Access.”

For reference, Ghost of a Tale was announced back in 2013. For that reason alone I want to jump in when the thing is finally done.

Xbox One Game Preview [Ghost of a Tale]