That expensive, gold Monster Hunter statue? Doesn't have a lil dick!


Schr?dingers’ cat’s dick no longer incumclusive

Last month, we brought you an investigative, penetrative look at this$29,000 gold Monster Hunter statue. Particularly,“does it…does it have a lil dick?” we asked.

It wasn’t immediately clear. All the photos provided by Capcom were from the same angle, so it was impossible to attribute it definitively to forced perspective. Comparisons to other, non-goldOtomo Airou were not one-to-one, design-wise, so that plan didn’t work. Similarly, the images were not a high enoughresolutionto zoom in and check for penile spines, a defining characteristic of cat cock.

We don’t like stories slipping through the cracks with inconclusive verdicks here at Destructoid. Thankfully, I’ve finally found some alternative shots of the statue at Japanese site BikeBros.

As you can see, the cat pretty clearly does nothave a lil dick.