That free Fallout 3 with Fallout 4 offer expires in February 2016


Don’t hold out for Fallout freebie

If you’ve picked up Fallout 4 on the Xbox One specifically so that you’ll also be able to play Fallout 3, don’t leave it too long to redeem your code – the offer expires in February 2016.

GameSpotspotted the deadline on the Xbox Live store, which also confirms that you’ll need to have bought Fallout 4 on Xbox One by February 6, 2016to qualify for the freebie.

Not received yourFallout 3code yet? Don’t panic. It can take up to ten days for your code to drop into your Xbox Live message box.

We now know thatFallout 3is just one of the 100-plus Xbox 360 titles available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Regardless of what platform you’re playing it on, are you enjoying Fallout 4?